Atmospheric Composition Research using Observations from SATellites

> About the project


Within ACROSAT satellite measurements (by GOME-2 and current ESA’s Third Party Missions) will be used in synergy with ground-based data and atmospheric models in order to investigate issues in the chemistry and composition of the atmosphere.

ACROSAT aims in particular to quantify and possibly explain the spatial distributions and long-term changes in the abundance of key compounds participating in stratospheric ozone depletion (e.g. HCl), tropospheric ozone formation (NOx, hydrocarbons) and aerosol formation in the stratosphere (OCS) and in the troposphere (SO2, hydrocarbons).

Another goal of this project is to better characterize the diurnal cycle of short-lived compounds (NO2, HCHO, glyoxal) and its impact on the accuracy of satellite Level-2 retrievals. It will provide inputs to Protocol monitoring and it will support the ESA Climate Change Initiative.

The project runs through 2014-2015.




>> Partners

Avenue Circulaire, 3
1180 Brussels
Fax : ++3223748423


Dr. Jean-Francois Müller (Coordinator)

Tropospheric Modelling Team (TMOD)
Tel.: ++32(0)2373366

Team members involved in ACROSAT : Dr. Trissevgeni Stavrakou , Dr. Maite Bauwens

Dr. Quentin Errera

Stratospheric Modelling Team (SMOD)
Tel.: ++32(0)23736767

Team members involved in ACROSAT : Dr. Sergey Skachko

Dr. Jean-Chrisopher Lambert

Synergistic Exploitation of atmospheric data Team (SYN)
Tel.: ++32(0)23730468

Team members involved in ACROSAT : Anne De Rudder, José Granville, Dr. Daan Hubert, A. Keppens, Gaia Pinardi, Dr. Tijl Verhoelst



Allée du 6 Août 17
B-4000 Liège (Sart-Tilman) Belgium
Fax: ++3243669747

Dr. Emmanuel Mahieu

Dept. of Astrophysics-Geophysics-Oceanography/Groupe Infra-Rouge de Physique Atmosphérique et Solaire (GIRPAS)
Tel.: ++32-4-3669786

Team members involved in ACROSAT : Whitney Bader, Benoît Bovy, Philippe Demoulin, Olivier Flock, Bernard Lejeune, Diane Zander




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