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IBBAC: Impact of Biogenic Emissions on Beijing Air Quality and Climate

>> Valorization

IBBAC is inscribed in the continuation of past successful joint work between BIRA and IAP (AMFIC project) and aspires to future collaborative efforts and interactions with the Chinese partner. One of the major assets of this proposal is the partners' longstanding expertise in both measurement and modelling activities, their know-how and flexibility which allows the collaboration to take place in multiple ways. Main points of the valorization strategy will be achieved by

  1. capitalizing scientifically and operationally state-of-art numerical models, steps will be taken to define policy support tools for use by the Chinese authorities, accounting for social applications and impacts of the project output in matters of air quality and climate change
  2. exploiting the access to relevant atmospheric measurements at Beijing conducted by the Chinese partner is expected to provide insights in the air quality assessments for Beijing agglomeration and stimulation for future research directions
communicating scientific results by means of scientific and non-scientific publications in open-access journals, presentations in international workshops and congresses, transfer of scientific results to the public domain


>> Parners


Dr. Michel Van Roozendael
UV-VIS Observation Unit
Tel : ++3223730416
E-Mail :

Dr. Trissevgeni Stavrakou
Tel : ++3223730766
E-Mail :



Dr. Jean-Francois Muller
Tel.: ++322373366

Dr. De Smedt Isabelle
Tel.: ++322373407
E-Mail :

Dr. Maite Bauwens
Tel : ++3223730421,
E-Mail :

Avenue Circulaire, 3
1180 Brussels
Fax : ++3223748423



Ms. Lisa Blyth

Dr. Koen De Ridder
Tel : ++3214335968
E-mail :

Dr. Nele Veldeman,  
Tel. +32 14 33 67 46,
E-Mail :

Mr. Peter Viaene,
Tel. +32 14 33 67 44,
E-Mail :

Environmental Modelling Unit
Boeretang 200
B-2400 Mol
Fax : ++3214321185



Prof. Pucai Wang
Tel : ++86-10-82995061
E-mail :

Dr. Yu Huan
Tel : /

IAP, Institute of Atmospheric Physics;
Chinese Academy of Sciences
No.1 Nanertiao; Zhongguancun;
Haidian District Beijing 100029
People's Republic of China
Fax : ++86-10-82995073




is funded by

Belgian Science Policy Office





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