Models developed by the Tropospheric Chemistry group


Intermediate Model of the Global and Annual Evolution of Species
3-dimensional global chemistry transport model (CTM) of the troposphere


The adjoint of the IMAGES model
Calculates the partial derivatives of the model/data biases with respect to the input variables. Used to infer improved emission estimates of pollutants.


Biogenic compounds Oxidation and RElated Aerosol formation Model


MOdel for calculating the HYdrocarbon emissions by the CANopy
1-dimensional canopy model used to estimate the emissions of hydrocarbons by vegetation

>> CM vapor pressure estimation

Vapor pressure model of Capouet and Müller (2006)
A relatively simple method based on the group contribution principle to estimate vapor pressures of organic molecules.


Estimation of VApor Pressure of ORganics, Accounting for Temperature, IntramOlecular and Non-additivity effects (2011)
A more detailed vapor pressure model that goes beyond the group contribution principle.



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