Models developed by the Tropospheric Chemistry group


The regional chemical-transport model based on the IMAGES global CTM
Model description


Intermediate Model of the Global and Annual Evolution of Species
3-dimensional global chemistry transport model (CTM) of the troposphere
Model description


The adjoint of the IMAGES model
Calculates the partial derivatives of the model/data biases with respect to the input variables. Used to infer improved emission estimates of pollutants.


 MOdel for calculating the HYdrocarbon emissions by the CANopy
1-dimensional canopy model used to estimate the emissions of hydrocarbons by vegetation

CM vapor pressure estimation

 Vapor pressure model of Capouet and Müller (2006)
A relatively simple method based on the group contribution principle to estimate vapor pressures of organic molecules.


 Estimation of VApor Pressure of ORganics, Accounting for Temperature, IntramOlecular and Non-additivity effects (2011)
A more detailed vapor pressure model that goes beyond the group contribution principle.