Tropospheric Chemistry Modelling Group
 beam BEAM: BElgian Ammonia assessed using innovative Multiscale Measurements and modelling
-- Funded by Belspo
-- Duration: 2024-2029
  CCI: Precursors for aerosols and ozone
-- Funded by ESA
-- Duration: 2022-2025
  DINAR: Development and Interpretation of improved Nitrous Acid Retrievals
-- Funded by ESA
-- Duration: 2022-2024

-- Funded by Horizon Europe
-- Duration: 2023-2025


GLANCE: GLyoxal Atmospheric sources revealed using Novel Column satellite obsErvations and aircraft data
-- Funded by ESA 
-- Duration: 2023

IMPALA logo  IMPALA: Improved Atmospheric emissions using Low-earth satellites over Africa
-- Funded by ESA 
-- Duration: 2023
EquatorLogoS  EQUATOR: Emission QUantification of Atmospheric tracers in the Tropics using ObseRvations from satellites
-- Funded by Belgian Science Policy, BRAIN-BE 2.0
-- Duration: 2021-2024
SEEDS SEEDS: Sentinel EO-based Emission and Deposition Service
-- Funded by EC H2020 
-- Duration: 2021-2023
 ICOVAC logo long

ICOVAC: Impacts of COVID-19 lockdown measures on Air quality and Climate
-- Funded by ESA 
-- Duration: 2020-2021

Glyretro GLYRETRO: GLYoxal Retrievals from TROPOMI
-- Funded by ESA 
-- Duration: 2019-2021

SOLFEO: Spaceborne Observations over Latin america For Emission Optimization applications
-- Funded by ESA/AO/1-9101/17/I-NB
-- Duration: 2019-2020

Alberi logo ALBERI: Assessing Links between Biogenic Emissions and Remotely-sensed photosynthesis Indicators
-- Funded by Belgian Science Policy
-- Duration: 2019- 2021
       OCTAVE OCTAVE: Oxygenated organic Compounds in the Tropical Atmosphere : Variability and atmosphere-biosphere Exchanges
-- Funded by Belgian Science Policy
-- Duration: 2017- 2021
 Afbeeldingsresultaten voor TROPOMI logo

TROVA-1: TROPOMI Validation
-- Funded by Belgian Science Policy
-- Duration : 2016-2018

Afbeeldingsresultaten voor TROPOMI logo TROVA-2: TROPOMI Validation
-- Funded by Belgian Science Policy
-- Duration : 2019-2023
 GAIA CLIM logo website mini GAIA-Clim: Gap Analysis for Integrated Atmospheric ECV CLImate Monitoring
-- Funded by European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme
– Duration: 2015-2018
  MarcoPolo: Monitoring and Assessment of Regional air quality in China using space Observations, Project of Long-term Sino-European Co-operation
-- Funded by EU FP7 programme
-- Duration : 2013- 2017
 cordexLogo COmbining Regional Downscaling EXpertise in Belgium: CORDEX and beyond
-- Funded by Belgian Science Policy
--   Duration: 2014-2017
  GlobEmission: GlobEmission Service Development of the Data User Element programme of ESA
-- Funded by ESA
-- Duration : 2011- 2013 extended until 2016

 ACROSAT: Atmospheric Composition Research using Observations from SATellites
-- Funded by Belgian Science Policy
-- Duration: 2014-2015